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Craig’s List is one of the best places to post ads for free. Not all of

the cities and categories are free, but many are. It can be a tricky

site to navigate and successfully post on, but there are guides if

you search Google.  Below is a detailed video guide.
This is another great ad site.  A popular US focused site with a large

business opportunity and pet section.  It seems to keep you local. is a GREAT free ad site. It is hit and miss, as they

are more popular in some cities than others.  Most major

metropolitan areas are players for You will also

find some sweet spots in smaller cities. I happen to get a lot a lot of

views from the United States (Try in jobs/business

opportunities/united states/new york city/brooklyn).  Ads on here

can be displayed for up to 9 months - I recommend posting a new

ad in major cities every few days and leaving your older ads to run

until  completion.

Adsglobe is a great site to advertise for free. It has a good ranking

on Alexa and has many ads and categories. It is local, country and

world wide. Great for Global business advertising. Highly

This is a GREAT site. Easy to post, accepts HTML and you can easily

post in all categories. The board is pretty much translated in most

languages. This is another great site like pennysaverusa. Post

This is Fantastic. It is also a community to promote and shake

hands with other network marketers. Well established board with a

strong focus on internet marketing, business opportunities, and

website promotion. NOTE: This site does not let you Copy and

Paste, but they have a great ad platform.
Here’s another site with a great Alexa Ranking.  This website is a

classified ad directory that has a number of different options and

several categories that are great for posting your links!  You can

renew your ads every 12 hours, so there’s actually no need to post

new ads unless you want to.  Split testing is always good, so try a

few different ads to see which gets the most views, then you can

focus on posting the most viewed ads on other classified sites or

forums (especially if you intend to pay for advertising).
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